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Not what I expected, but I couldn’t put it down

I started reading and couldn’t stop.

This is a coming of age, mystery, romance, thriller… I’m not sure what to call it except a captivating read. The characters are well written and complex. The story is constantly changing, but in a good way. You think you know what the whole story is, but you don’t.

I finished reading and the book kept me up a few hours after thinking about the story, the ending and that tree. That’s unusual for a story to get to me that much. Just shows the prowess of the writer and quality of the book. Now I just need to get a friend to read it so we can talk about that ending!

A Heartwarming Thriller

The Perfect Tree is one of those books that can be classified in several genres – young adult fiction, adult fiction and even mystery. The adventures of Blake and Greta kept me interested from the start, and I anxiously anticipated what waited around the corner for them. The twists caught me off guard every time, and there was no way to anticipate the shocking end.

A Compelling Read

I can recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of coming-of-age stories. The influences are clear (To Kill a Mockingbird, even The Body (or Stand By Me) by Stephen King to a degree,) but the story is one all its own. The characters come to life as the story progresses and stick with you long after.