The Perfect Tree is my first novel, inspired by a short story I wrote in college. It is the tale of a young boy in a rural community who makes a dear friend in the new girl in town. However, they find themselves in great danger, which seems to gravitate around the old Bradley house, a tattered shack steeped in local legend and lure. The novel is akin to the short story of the same name, which actually appears in the novel as a work of non-fiction.

Short Stories

The Perfect Tree was originally published by Aurora Literary Journal in 2008. It was roughly based on a true story from my home town. When I heard the story of the old man, I was saddened and incredibly moved. I wrote the first draft in one sitting, typing fervently for around a solid half hour. I decided to further the concept of this tale (sort of) into a novel, where the short story actually appears as a piece of non-fiction in the characters’ universe, authored by the young girl who is the narrator of the short story, Alfie May Piper, a.k.a. Pip.

The Extra Step was originally published by Aurora Literary Journal in 2009. It takes place in a single sitting of a psychiatrist visit, where the narrator tries desperately to deal with his controlling mental issues: OCD and dreams of a foreboding, grotesque man.