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Atticus Finch Is not a “Bad Guy” in Go Set a Watchman

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This one has been a long time coming, folks. I apologize for the lack of timeliness and the length, but there is a lot to say. Here we go! The day before Go Set a Watchman hit shelves, I was in a department store waiting in the checkout line, only to overhear the woman in […]

Go Set a Watchman – Not a Sequel, a Glimpse at the Literary Process

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Despite my most diligent efforts to avoid spoilers online, I caught a glimpse of a few Go Set a Watchman leaks. Namely, these two: “Atticus Finch is a racist and Tom Robinson was acquitted.” In my opinion, as far as Mockingbird is concerned, one of these is just as false as the other. I think […]