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Like most Spider-Man fans that I know, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new Superior Spider-Man #1. ASM #700 left me with a thirst that Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 just didn’t quench. Amazing Spider-Man #698 made me say, “Oh sh*t!” ASM #699 made me say, “No, Dan Slott wouldn’t. Not like that!” And ASM #700 left me stunned, saying simply, “Wow, he did it.”

For me, Superior Spider-Man #1 was the most anticipated comic in a long time. I knew deep down that Dan Slott and Marvel wouldn’t just up and expect everyone to be okay with Otto Octavius being the new Spider-Man (not to mention the new Peter Parker!) But I knew whatever was in store was going to be one hell of a ride. Superior Spider-Man #1 did not disappoint!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen buzz on the Internet discussing hate-mail to Dan Slott (not to mention threats on his life), pics of ASM #700 in the toilet, and an overwhelming negativity towards ASM #700 and the upcoming story arc. To this, I say, well done, Mr. Slott.

This concept has evoked such passionate responses from fans that you couldn’t go within five blocks of a comic shop without hearing something about it. Literally, everybody I know who reads comics was talking about “what happened to Peter Parker at the end of ASM #700” – whether they loved it or loathed it. The result: excellent publicity and marketing. Everyone I know – regardless of their feelings about ASM #700 – bought a crisp new copy of SSM #1. The unavoidable buzz even brought some folks I know back into comics after not reading any titles for years.

Come on, let’s be realistic. We’re in the middle of a new Spider-Man movie saga. No one is killing Peter Parker off for good – not while there’s money to be made off him on the big screen and in comics. Publishers kill main characters all the time (let’s do the list, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, on and on) and then a little while down the road, they come back into the outstretched arms of fans.

One last thing. A friend and I were discussing this today: If Peter returns to his body, what will become of Otto?

Just relax, kick back, and enjoy what’s coming in Superior Spider-Man. It’ll be okay! Promise! Feel free to leave comments. I’d love to hear from everyone! J

SSM will be on my list for the foreseeable future. How about you?

(P.S. I totally got the baby variant XD )

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  1. Indigo

    Peter is too decent a person to let Ock move on to whatever comes next. Even if he’s become a true hero by the end of this storyline, he probably hasn’t balanced the karmic scales enough that he’d be assured of the Nice Place rather than the Bad Place. So Peter will find a way to get him a new biological body.

    That’s my call.

    And my prediction for SSM #2 is what was highlighted at the end of 1. Peter will not let Otto sleep with MJ without letting on that he’s not the same guy — Peter would never condone sex under false pretenses, and he won’t let his body be used that way.

  2. Ken Harris

    I agree. That was actually a big topic among some people I know: Otto pretty much raping MJ. Some of the most common complaints I’d heard about ASM #700 was that Otto didn’t only kill Peter, he killed him in the most humiliating way possible — stealing literally everything in his life (and by outsmarting him no less!) It’s good to know that Peter is still in the picture right from SSM #1. I think that makes for a more interesting story rather than just watching Otto struggle with the whole villain / hero thing.

    Who knows, perhaps Otto’s mind will inhabit one of his nifty mechanical creations in the end.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting.
    Happy comic reading!!!! 🙂

  3. Travis

    I agree. I loved issue 1 and have a lot of faith in Dan Slott to tell a good story.

    A few speculations I have about superior spider-man:

    1. Part of Spider-Man and Peter Parker is that he’s the “down on his luck” hero. I loved the recent introduction of Horizon Labs and his place on the Avengers, but I feel like Superior is partly a way to get Peter closer to his status quo after his eventual return.

    2. What happens with Ock? After Peter gets back in control of his body, will Ock’s consciousness fade away? I doubt it, he’s too important of a villain. In the Marvel Universe, there are tons of ways to bring him back. The big question is, what will Otto take from this experience? Will he come back as a villain?

    3. What role will Madame Web play in this arc? She was clearly set up for something big. I don’t it’s unreasonable for a psychic to be the one to help Peter get back.

  4. Ken Harris

    You raise some interesting points, sir. They’re definitely things I will keep in mind as future issues unfold (especially Madame Web).
    Thanks for sharing!

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